We just may make you sign it!Save the image in a RAW or TIFF file.

When photographing nature subjects, use a smaller f stop like f4. Take the time to compose your photograph, paying attention to vertical lines and how the areas are balanced within the frame. All it takes is a little planning, a five to eight megapixel camera and a good printer .0 or f5. The greatest danger in an overexposed image file is loss of detail in the highlights. But we SLR photographers have to go with the camera that we have and work within that format. The same goes for adding contrast to the basic camera settings. Landscape photography is challenging but rewarding if one comes out good enough for the wall. Since digital images are extra sensitive to color balance changes in light, a camera with a custom white balance is a plus.

It is possible for nineteen dollars and ninety five cents plus the cost of the paper and framing to create a work of art worthy of hanging on your wall. Digital files act more like transparency film, requiring an exposure within on