We all know what light bulbs are, how they were invented and where to buy them. In an effort to avoid repeating the same information that other lighting related articles discuss, this feature will discuss some of the fun uses for light bulbs and why they are often much more than just a bulb.

$Science Projects. If your child is in school, one of the most enjoyable science assignments he/she will have is to create a project that will be judged on it's appearance, research and facts. This assignment, called a science project, is entered into a science fair and judged against all other entries. At the conclusion of the competition, awards are given to the best projects before they continue on the national competition. A popular science project would be a feature on light bulbs, which could showcase the invention process and how lighting has changed the world as we know it. One of the popular categories could feature different types of bulbs and how they are used, including standard lighting and those used for decorative themes and holidays.

$Creating Your Own Lamps. Whether you are a crafter for fun or profit, creating your own lamps can be a terrific way to earn some extra money or simply decorate your home using a one-of-a-kind creation. Many people find that a hand-carved wooden lamp shade provides a beautiful effect. Once designed and made, a light bulb would be placed into the lamp as it would with a traditional retail product. When the light is turned on and the color shines through the carefully crafted wooden cutout design, the lighting effect will be a real treat. An example would be a wooden shade with carefully cut shapes of a deer, dolphin or other popular animal. When lit, these handcrafted beauties add much more than just a source of light. In fact, they add a unique touch to any room in the home.

$Add A Splash Of Color To Your Room. Light bulbs are often available in a variety of colors, which can be a nice change from the standard clear lighting source. Using different colors in lightbulbs can add a real touch of whimsy to your room and can be a nice coordinating element to your custom decor.