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Types of fiber opticsTechnically there are two type

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Now to understand in simple terms, it's a flexible light pipe made up of glassy material like silica or plastic that passes light between two ends of fiber.Attenuation - This is related to the decrease in signal strength along a fiber optic cable cause by absorption and scattering.Types of fiber opticsTechnically there are two type of fiber optics; one which has small core diameter known as single mode fiber and the other with large core diameter known as multimode fiber. The Illuminator is a bright light source that focuses the light into the fiber. These fibers are carefully design to give smooth and even glow of light just like neon or fluorescent tube.When and where it was invented? The story of fiber optics is started from the demonstration of light guiding principle by Daniel Colladon and Jacques Babinet at Paris in 1840's.Acceptance angle - It's an half angle of the cone created by light inside the optical fiber due to total internal reflection inside the fiber core. On the other hand multimode fiber has larger path for light that allows light to travel thorough several modes.Lastly, an outer jacket to protect the fiber from environmental conditions. Glass is usually a form of silica or crystalline material like sapphire. Getting into depth of its basic helps you not only to know it better but also to use it better. Single mode fiber allows light to travel in straight line and has ability to take light without altering about 80 Km.Power coupling: It determines the efficient use of power delivered from the source by the optical fiber.Terminology used in fiber opticsRefractive index - It's a way of measuring the speed of light in LED Panel Light optical fiber. Larger the refractive index, smaller is the speed of light. It contains light sources, filters, amplifier and other optical devices to bright up desired pattern.Fiber optics communicate through light and its lightning application uses illuminator to perform this. It must be low for greater efficiency.Xenon metal halide lamp - These sources offer high output power with extra bright illumination. This couples the light efficiently and glows at the end points.Fiber optics technology is the advance signaling sensation used for communication and Led Heat Sink framing the object for illumination. Illuminator must be efficient in power coupling and contains advanced light sources such as:Quartz halogen lamps - These sources develop as spotlight projector and work at low AC voltage with wide output power range. The light may be passing inside the fiber to create spotlight or end-glow effect or it may be emitted along the length of the fiber to create a neon or side glow effect over the surface of the fiber.Cladding, that helps to keep light in the core. It determines the maximum light to be accepted and propagated along the fiber. These are:Central core that carries the light signal.So what is Optical fiber? Technically we define optical fiber as a transparent transmitting medium which guide the electrical signal in the form of light from source to destination. After this the introduction to phenomenon of total internal reflection by John Tyndall in 1870's had set the stage for this technology.How optical fiber is made and communicates through light? Optical fiber is made up of glass or plastic material.. Fiber with larger diameter has low coupling losses. The construction of optical fiber is consisting of several layers. Since then, use of this technology increases dramatically and its ease of installation and lower production cost make it popular now days. But these also require high voltage for greater efficiency.LED's- These are use in the system which require higher efficiency but less power.Starting with the question that you ask firstly when listening to the name-Fiber optics:What is fiber optics? Fiber optics is a technology that uses light to transmit data or electrical signal through optical fiber.Strengthening layer to bound the lower layer strongly.For lightening purpose the type of fibers incorporated are:End-emitting fiber - Such type of fiber has large core that traps the light and consist of transparent light resistive cladding.Edge-emitting fiber - These fiber has rough cladding and core surface that permits light to scatter from its surface.Numerical aperture - It measures the light gathering ability of fiber. These characteristics make them suitable for pool lightening and other display application.Outer coating to protect the cladding layer. Then the fiber optics is followed by several experiments and advancement until Robert Maurer of Corning glass made it commercially available in 1970's.Type of sources for optical fiberIlluminator is an electronic device which is used as source of light for optical fiber.

Legislators rejected it in February but are now reconsidering

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Legislators rejected it in February but are now reconsidering it after making some tweaks intended to pacify conservatives. Chris Christie have accepted the expansion, but other Republicans have insisted the federal government might suddenly retract the extra Medicaid dollars, leaving states with the bill. Haslam, Herbert, Mead and Otter all started off the year urging their Republican-led legislatures to consider alternative plans and similar efforts led by GOP legislators are underway in Montana and Florida.""Governors and Medicaid directors are working really hard to find the sweet spot of an approach that addresses their individual state's circumstances, can get approved by both the White House and their statehouse," he said.Still other governors have tried to fashion the expanded programs in ways more attractive to conservatives. "The push for a solution is not over by any stretch, and they're definitely closer in many states than they were six months or a year ago. Still, some see progress being made. They like how Herbert's plan would enroll the newly-eligible poor in private plans instead of traditional Medicaid, but they want the state to cover a larger portion of the cost, saying the extra federal dollars could always be rescinded. Butch Otter but legislation was never proposed. By mid-March, Herbert and legislative leaders admitted they were unable to reach a deal and instead formed a working group that will try to hammer out a compromise by the end of July.Davis sees the rejection of Haslam's plan — which is more market-oriented and puts the extra dollars toward private plans instead of traditional Medicaid — as little more than political posturing by conservatives.The ongoing disputes in these states reflect how divided Republicans remain on how to respond to one of the Affordable Care Act's main components.Matt Salo, who leads the National Association of Medicaid Directors, said the stalemates this year are "more of a road bump in a long journey.These states are among the 22 that have rejected Obamacare's offer of expanded Medicaid, and the federal funds that accompany it. He's doubtful it will pass until President Obama has left office.". Gary Herbert, which also hit roadblocks. Last week the Idaho House speaker said there wasn't enough support among members to move ahead. The health care law allows for those earning up to 133 percent of the federal poverty level to enroll in Medicaid, but the Supreme Court has said states can opt out of the expansion if they want to — and many Fin Heat Sink Republican-led states have done so.A Tennessee House committee is scheduled on Wednesday to take up a revamped version of Gov."If they throw away four and a half billion dollars because they hate Obama, that's a rather sorry tale for the leadership and the legislature, because we've got bipartisan support," said Walter Davis, executive director for the Tennessee Health Care Campaign. Matt Mead's expansion plan — and in Idaho, where committees held hearings on a plan put forward by Gov.Some GOP governors including New Jersey Gov.Legislators in Tennessee, Utah, Idaho and Wyoming have rejected alternative plans proposed by Republican governors, and some GOP legislators in Florida and Montana are struggling to advance alternate plans as outdoor light well."The Tennessee plan is similar to one proposed by Utah Gov.Democrats and supporters of expansion view the Republican resistance as little more than a show of disdain towards President Obama's healthcare law, which they oppose. "It's Obamacare and to hell with it.It's a similar story in Wyoming — where the Senate rejected Gov. Bill Haslam's plan.Still, the plan isn't likely to pass, and that's leaving health care advocates in the state fuming.Now that the legislative season is starting to wrap up with little progress, some last-ditch efforts are being made.More Republicans tried to expand state Medicaid programs this year, but their colleagues haven't bitten.It's House Republicans who are putting up objections in Utah."There are a lot of rumors that we're not going to vote until Obama's out [of office]," Davis said.

However other franchise companies, which franchise and have multiple brands have

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Lysol same thing. Small privately owned businesses should concentrate on what they are good at first and think twice about co-brands concepts they are unfamiliar with, are hard to learn or not their specialty. This quote is taken out of context although there were none of these types of businesses during that time period. Many people are unaware of this because McDonald's has not connected the dots.

However other franchise companies, which franchise and have multiple brands have. What about Raid, the bug killer, they have it now for ants, slugs, flies and ants/roaches, Roaches only. In other words for excuses, however when used by a man of commitment to do what he says he was going to do, does it and then determines it to be something he should not be engaging his time in, in that case it is seen as a prudent insight. Do they buy out their competition yet sell and take away an cannibalize their own same store sales? It depends, McDonalds seems to be targeting different customers although if you consider in the US people eat major meals 2-3 times per day and there are 7 days a week, we are talking about 14-21 opportunities to feed them, now obviously other than single males, most of our population will eat the majority of meals at home. Could have been written yesterday.

I cannot tell you how many companies make obvious mistakes with their brand name, based on advise from experts, advertising agencies and academia, which in my opinion is always looking back, and has not a clue how to change the market direction midstream and take advantage of brand name value in opportunities right before their eyes, Service Master should be commended as they have done well, but they could do so much more really. You may wish to copy it down and teach it to your off spring. However the theory has not changed and may not change with regards to business operators who leave core components of their business model to create a one-stop shop scenario in order to take advantage of the similar theory of a regional shopping mall or Wal-Mart store. Recently we did a Multi-Brand Franchising Report Observation and we were quite interested in what we found.

. They have not only the original light bulb that GE is known for they now have; Soft Pink, Crystal Clear, Original, Standard, Miser (The energy saving light bulb), and of course Party Light Bulbs in colors of yellow, red, green, blue, and orange.

Yes we are very aware of Lego Brands.

We will discuss Brand Marketing for a minute. 7 different types. I want to thank those students for their questions, which enabled me to formalize my worldly observations and enable me to define my theories on brand name. We have brands everywhere and they sell too."

There are many other later themes encompassing parts or all of this idea of specialization. Who else is going for it on the grocery shelves of America's largest chains? Windex with now 7 colors; Blue Original, Clear Vinegar, Purple Mountain Anti-Bacterial green, Aqua, no drip no streak. First we are not sure if you have been looking in the grocery stores lately, but you might have been noticing some very interesting things amongst America's top selling brands, this has been increasing for about the last 5-years. Interesting that the founder died and they simply did what Wendy's Hamburger did, use the PR to sell even more and extend the brand name even further, with books and video-tapes and newest lines.

Think about it Pizza, Chicken, Tacos, Italian and Pretzels? Oh yah that Hamburger thing will never work? Sure, that is what they told Ray Kroc in the beginning, guess they were wrong. Many businesses fail and recently I watched and reviewed such a business that is not long for this world which I will be glad to describe without giving names and allow you to see our point of this discussion. However how many of those meals will be eaten out side the home and of those visits to QSRs how many can McDonalds pick up. And today we see some interesting new factors to be considered namely; The New American diets and how these different food types are effected by the new perception of Atkins, South Beach Diet, etc. They own the entire space for bug killer on many a store shelf. Forget LED Light Housing the equal pay for equal work communism or the socialist connotations that this might enter and think of the business aspects of free markets and core business models and current comments from fortune 500 CEOs to shareholders and of course the aspects of small businesses on relevancy. Lets look a Hot Wheels line extension. For instance look at GE Light bulbs sometime. Misty Breeze, Orange Power.

If you do not find this interesting perhaps you might find the line extension of Kingsford Charcoal interesting.

Some stores allow for multiple brands inside the same establishment, this is prevalent in Fast Food, C-Stores and Auto-Service Businesses. And Barbie, judging by their books, cars, houses and clothes-lines. We had recently did a small study on the Point of destination Theories or One Stop Shop Scenarios in Car Washes, C-Stores, Quick Lubes, QSRs or Other Auto Businesses and how they attempt to use the multiple brands to draw in customers. In this discussion we would like to talk about brand line extension and how to do it correctly. Well not everyone is aware that McDonalds also owns several other bands such as Boston Markets; 650 stores in 23 states, Chipotle Mexican Grill; 230 stores in 10 states, Donato's Pizza 200 stores in 10 states, Pret a Manager 140 stores in 4 countries, Fazoli's 400 units in 32 states and two countries.

Let me take a quote from Plato, because it maybe more than relevant to this situation and discussion. Lego is very aggressive promoting their brand identity and expanding their customer base, they have something for everyone, We are on the leading edge of these trends and have read all the same books and sometimes it amazes me how many large corporations in America make such unfortunate mistakes with their brands.

Now then if you look at the Fast Food Restaurant Corporations and their Multi-Brand Franchises in the QSR Sector, we see the leader McDonalds has diversified quite a bit. In 1997 at the annual International Franchise Association Trade Show we saw that many break away forums focusing on this new rage at the time of Franchise Co-branding and as the moderators introduced the franchisors, Franchise Marketing Executives and Attorneys involved in some of these major projects of mini-franchises in side of C-Stores and Donut, Cookie, Pizza concessions in fast food locations, mom and pop shops, food courts, etc.

"the result, then, is that more plentiful and better quality goods are more easily produced if each person does one thing for which he is naturally suited, does it at the right time, and is released from having to do any of the others. Raid for the garage, for the bathroom, for the kitchen and for the garden. they all admitted that about 50% of these deals failed when the franchises were owned by separate entities. However it was our observations that things like Starbucks, hair cut places, Mail Stops inside grocery stores were very successful and kiosks with low costs depending on the product did turn out to be profitable. 3-types now. The question shall always be do they co-market to the same customers or serve separate niches. And 409 cleaner? Original green. Apparently after considering the additional 2 billion a year in sales, quite a few and remember McDonalds is in 141 countries thus far so perhaps the cannibalization discussed in the franchising industry is a US thing for McDonalds and is not affecting it's other brands here yet or all of it's overseas markets for it's stead fast Mickey Ds Brand. And what about our famous Lego Brand? They already have all the Star Wars characters and hardware of spacecrafts, and structures. Of this the company derives 2 Billion in annual sales, this is not even counting McDonalds. In Parenting too, for instance the quote you may have heard is "If you try to do everything, you will do nothing well?? Unfortunately this is used by many a lazy person to relieve himself of responsibilities of doing what is right or responsibilities he has already committed to or to get him out of responsibilities he is employed to do. Here is the famous quote by Plato in the Republic, which rings through to the topic some 2300 years later. Look at Wendy's launching a new hamburger early ahead of schedule. If you study Micro Economics of Multi-Revenue Streams Concepts and Co-Brands you will see this trend. Garbage trucks, Fed Ex Vans, Over the Road 18 Wheelers, Skateboarders, SUVs etc.

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